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Infomercials and Direct-Response Ads must work towards one single goal: selling the product and selling a lot of them. Unlike traditional TV ads that only work towards building 'brand awareness', the one and only goal is create a call-to-action that drives a qualified buyer to a 1-800 number or website.


Infomercials need to create trust (through testimonials), urgency, excitement and motivate that person to place an order. Our experience in infomercial production is extensive. We have produced infomercials from the ground up; from concept to script to shoot to final editing. We have also "fixed" existing infomercials (from extensive overhauls involving the shooting of new footage, re-scripting, and re-editing; to minor 'tweaking' of US infomercials to better perform in the Canadian marketplace). We do it all.


We have operated with small and big budgets. Dazzle Productions is a full-service, one-stop-shop for Infomercial production. Show us your product and ideas and we'll take it from there. We can, and have, conceptualized, scripted, cast, shot and edited complete infomercials and direct-response TV/Web ads that sell products.




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