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How much does a video cost?


We get asked this question a lot, and with very valid reason; budget can sometimes be one of, if not the key factor, in a video project.

The question is somewhat akin to asking "how much does it cost to build a house?"; it depends what kind of house. Building a simple one-bedroom bungalow will cost significantly less than building a five-story mansion. In creating a video, factors include the number of shooting days, who does the voice-over (if any), size of crew (one person or more). These among other elements can raise or lower the final price.

Having a video production made by Dazzle Productions can cost less than you at first might think. If you have considered having a video made but expected the cost to be impractical, please contact us and let us tell you how your video could be made within the budget you have available.


Dazzle Productions can, and have, produced professional quality videos for prices in the hundreds of dollars; while other clients have chosen to invest amounts topping forty-thousand dollars. We pride ourselves on producing videos to suit any budget. While we do recognize that some projects require larger budgets, we know that a simple training video, for example, made to familiarize employees with a new procedure should be a straightforward and non-expensive project.

Even if you have considered a video project in the past and found, upon calling other video companies, that it would be very expensive, please let us quote you. We pride ourselves on delivering what our clients require, and if sometimes that is economy, we can and will produce at a price level that fits you and your needs and objectives.


Whenever we quote a project we always provide examples of previous videos we have produced on similar budgets so that our clients' can assure themselves of the quality work they will receive.

If the highest quality is your main objective, we can maximize all elements of your production; if economy is the greatest concern, we can find ways to bring it in within the budget you have available. Contact us for a quote.


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