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Video and television production can be perceived by some as an expensive and complicated process. We have put together an affordable "Package Price" option in order to simplify the process, with everything to take your TV commercial from concept to a ready-to-air TV ad... scripting, shooting, editing, titles, voice-over, music, we take care of it all. We also produce Infomercials, Training Videos, Promotional Videos... We are a full-service video production company.

The price quoted below is only for the actual production of the TV Commercial; the Advertising Rates to actually air your ad on a TV Station can vary with factors that include the size of the market, reach, timeslots desired and the volume of ad space you plan to purchase. We can assist with putting you in touch with sales representatives for the station on which you wish to advertise.


TV Commercial "Package" Price - 30 Second Spot

Scripting from Concept to Final Client Approved Shooting Script

Review of script with Television Bureau of Canada Telecaster Service

Full Shoot Preparation and Pre-Production

One Full Day of Shooting with High Definition Camera, Full Lighting and Audio Package

Digital Copy of all Raw Footage

Recording of Voice Over in Professional Studio with Professional Voice Talent / Narrator

          (from a short-list of persons provided by Dazzle Productions)

Editing of Visuals and Sound

Titles and Graphics

Background Music

Final Delivery in HD File Format

Final Television Bureau of Canada Telecaster Service approval

          and Telecaster Number assignments to enable commercial to be aired

Examples of ‘Add On’ Options

* Hair Stylist / Make-Up Artist for person(s) appearing on-screen ($300)

* Editing and Delivery of a 15 second version as well as 30 second version of TV Commercial ($400)

* Second day of shooting ($1000)

The Above Prices do not include HST (as applicable) for Ontario/Canadian Customers

Please note that the method of delivery and/or ‘ingestion’ of the digital video file of your TV ad into the system of the television station(s) onto which you will be airing your TV commercials can vary greatly from station to station. Our experience has ranged from TV stations that offer a simple upload process (no cost) to stations that require you to make use of a “delivery/traffic service”  (fee applicable). We can advise you as to what this additional cost will be before you commit and begin production, once we know where you plan to air your commercial.


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